We’re glad you came to our website! We’re a real traditional Munich butcher’s shop. For 2 generations and over 60 years we’ve been making Bavarian and international meat and sausage specialities according to old family recipes in the best artisanal quality. Our motto is

“It matters what goes into your sausage”

and our team of 80 people makes sure that you get only the best from us.

Our production facility is in the middle of Munich, near the slaughterhouse and the Wiesn where Oktoberfest is held every year. We use the finest raw materials from regional farmers, traditional recipes, the latest production techniques and the highest quality standards. This is recognized at regular intervals by awards at tastings by the German Butcher’s Association (DEUTSCHER FLEISCHER-VERBAND, with the red “f” in its logo) and medals from the German Farmer’s Association (DLG), which we love getting and which only inspire us to get even better.

For our MB specialties, the rule remains -
no seasoning in the world can replace freshness.

Every day up to 14 tons of the finest meat specialities leave our facility for retailers, local Munich restaurants, and large domestic and foreign customers. It’s all kind of hard to believe when you look at our traditional shop from the outside. Radio, TV and cinema film crews frequently turn up at our offices, giving rise to some of the most colourful stories from our sausagery.

But take a look at our website. And then come see us in our shop and try some of our wares. We look forward to seeing you!.

Magnus & Parwathi

and the whole MB team


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Jumbo Schreiner & Magnus Bauch

I don't care if they call wieners “Bockwürstchen” in Frankfurt—as long as they're from Magnus Bauch.
They just taste better, don’t they?

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